I am grateful to these composers who believed in my potential as a sound designer.
Andrew Fly

Composers who used my Kontakt Libraries

Tim Truman

Right out of high school, American Composer, Tim Truman, was accepted into the coveted USC Music Composition Department. From there he began scoring prime-time network television. George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola selected Tim Truman to complete the score to the 70 mm 3D Disneyland feature "Captain EO" starring Michael Jackson and Anjelica Huston. Michael Mann hand picked Tim to replace Jan Hammer on his hit show "Miami Vice" scoring the entire fifth season. The Michael Mann directed movie "LA Takedown" was next gathering strong reviews. Director David Anspaugh (Hoosiers, Rudy) was thrilled with Tim's intense and personal score to "Company of Darkness" starring Helen Hunt. Tim then composed the original Main Title Theme to "Melrose Place" going on to score over 120+ episodes of that worldwide hit. Oliver Stone asked Tim to score the controversial film "South Central" with a full orchestra for Warner Brothers. The television and features continued with an EMMY nomination for the Main Title Theme to "Central Park West". The entire debut season of "Charmed" was in Tim's hands as well. Tim has been honored with several ASCAP, Gold and Platinum album and video awards. Tim Truman won an EMMY as a Co-producer on "The Killer Whale People" with Nancy Wilson (Heart). Showtime brought in Tim to score all 35 one hour episodes of "Jeremiah" created by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5). The pull to tell compelling stories, rather then just support them musically, has become central in the evolving career of Tim Truman.
(Source: IMDb)

Iván Martínez Lacámara

Iván M. Lacámara was born in Zaragoza, Spain,
He is a composer, known for Money Heist (2017), Locked up (2015-2018) , "El accidente" (2018) and The Boat (2011).
Ivan started his career at a very young age, studied at the conservatory, later joined the television industry. He has worked for several Spanish commercials and television series. He has enjoyed great success with television series:
El embarcadero, La Casa De Papel and Vis a Vis.
His music is characterized by a very strong and psycho genre combined with a strong presence of electronic sounds.

Chris Hüelsbeck

Huelsbeck's music career started at age 17, when he entered a music competition in the German 64'er magazine, taking first prize with his composition "Shades". He took a job in music production with the company Rainbow Arts.

In 1986, Huelsbeck released the SoundMonitor program for Commodore 64 computer. The program was released as a type-in listing in the German computer magazine 64'er. This program, featuring the idea of notation data rolling from down to up, is assumed[who?] to have a significant influence on Karsten Obarski's Ultimate Soundtracker (1987) which was a starting point for the still continuing tradition of tracker music programs.

Huelsbeck has written soundtracks for more than 70 titles, the latest being Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Many of his scores for the Commodore 64 are regarded as classics among enthusiasts today, most notably The Great Giana Sisters. He is best known for the soundtracks to the Turrican series of games.

His music from Apidya, Turrican 2, Turrican 3 and The Great Giana Sisters was performed live at the Symphonic Game Music Concert series in Leipzig, Germany between 2003–2007, conducted by Andy Brick. On 23 August 2008 his music was performed at Symphonic Shades, a concert dedicated to his work exclusively. The WDR Radio Orchestra and a choir performed classics such as The Great Giana Sisters, Turrican, R-Type and others in Cologne, Germany conducted by Arnie Roth. On 19 March 2009 it was announced that Arnie Roth will conduct the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at the concert Sinfonia Drammatica in the Konserthuset Stockholm. Taking place on 4 August 2009, the concert combined performances of Huelsbeck's Symphonic Shades, with selections from drammatica by Yoko Shimomura.

Oscar Jasso

Oscar Jasso composes music for film.

His film scores provide momentum and texture, adding a dramatic dimension which completes the story.

Since childhood, Oscar has loved films. Growing up playing piano, he began composing early on, but it was a bit later that he began to truly focus on composition.

At sixteen, he began his undergraduate studies at the Conservatorio De Las Rosas in the city of Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico). Three years later, he continued his studies at Escuela Nacional De Musica in Mexico City. There he studied piano with Luis Mayagoitia and Ramon Mier.

In 1994, he was awarded a scholarship to study with the Italian composer Franco Donatoni. Meanwhile, Oscar performed throughout Mexico, arranging Mexican folk songs for choirs from Casas De Cultura, which he accompanied.

In 1997, Oscar returned to the United States and settled in Chicago, IL. There he studied piano with Dr. Bruce Berr, composition with Robert Lombardo, Ilya Levinson, and electronic composition with Don Malone at Roosevelt University (Chicago). In 2001, Oscar studied film scoring at Columbia College (Chicago).

Oscar has been on the Piano Faculty of the Old Town School of Folk Music since 2001, and is an active composer producing music for film and other media.

Fabian Del Priore

Fabian began his professional game music career at age 16. After sending a demo tape to Chris Hülsbeck, Fabian became a freelancing composer, arranger and sound designer at Chris' company Synsoniq Records for computer and video games.
In the same year while still 16, Fabian experienced his breakthrough as a professional composer. He made music for his first computer game soundtrack which was over 60 minutes of CD audio- and MIDI music for Blue Byte's Extreme Assault, a first-person shooter/helicopter action game for PC DOS / Windows platforms. Fabian produced the biggest part of the soundtrack in co-operation with Chris Huelsbeck. Being one of the most well-known computer games 1997 in Europe, it gained positive reviews in printmags, with high music ratings too, which gave Fabian further motivation to pursue his career.
Since 2006, Fabian has also worked with Dynamedion, Germany's biggest game music label, as a composer and sound designer for handheld video games.

Vincent Zaalberg

As a composer and musician from the Netherlands Vincent Zaalberg currently writes and produces orchestral scores and contemporary music for artists, projects, commercials or picture.
Graduating at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2009 Vincent focussed on playing with live bands and working as a session musician. Finding success with rockband The Last Element signing with Universal and playing on hundreds of studio sessions on an array of instruments.
After a decade of professional musicianship emphasis shifted towards engineering, mixing and composing. Which always were a big passion behind the scene. Turning to producing library music fairly recently Vincent is now making ripples as a composer. With many projects rolled out at the moment the first collaborting publishers include BMG and EMM.

Stefano Gargiulo

At 16 he received his first electric guitar as a gift. Influenced by grunge and rock, he learns to play covers by Nirvana, The Doors, Jeff Buckley, through the musicality of Rhapsody and Stratovarius, immersing himself in the notes of Steve Vai. Later he founded the Dream Theater cover band, "Empyema". Later he devoted himself to the Ethnic / Folk music of Eugenio Bennato, Nccp, Avitabile taking a step towards new musical experiences that give life to the "Resonanze" group with the production of unpublished writings, accompanied by acoustic guitars, wind instruments, strings and percussion.
His passion for music reaches new horizons, taking an interest in Hollywood composers such as Danny Elfman, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and other esteemed authors, absolutely not neglecting the true pioneers of the classic, such as the great geniuses Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi . From there, the long journey to learn how to play instruments of all kinds, glockenspiel, flute, bass, drums, violin, mandolin, swing guitar, piano, ukulele, classical guitar & acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths.
He manages to recreate a small fame so much that in his hometown, Naples, of which he is very attached, he is awarded a Recognition Award by the Municipality, for his dedication and passion for music. Later he receives the "Humanitars Award" as a Musician / Composer. In 2016 he won the "Chandler Internatinal Film Festival" in Arizona as the Best Soundtrack of the film "The Loot", also in 2016 he won the Best Music Score at the "Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival" and an Honorable Mention at the "Hollywood Music in Media Awards "for the musical composition" Lilith's Song "Again in 2016, again for the soundtrack of the film" The Loot "he won the" Best Music Score (Feature) "award in the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival. He currently wins "The Akademia Music Awards" in Los Angeles as "Best Album".

Domenico Ciaffone

“Paffetta” is the nickname of Domenico Ciaffone Dj, born in Avezzano (Italy), on January 2nd, 1984. His passion for music begins when he was much younger, he starts cooperating with some local radios and clubs as dee- jay with a special care of House Music. The Domenico “Paffetta” Ciaffone’s beginning is linked to a dance music which mixes up overseas House sounds, creating a definitely little known kind of music, for the late 90s’ Italy. His image is clean and relevant, it’s very similar to the one he shows nowadays. No glamour, no trend, no fashion, worth ideals, a lot of house music and that’s all! His first time in a radio is dated 1998, as a dj for a weekend dance music chart. His being house music oriented is witnessed by his talent-scout: Paul Jockey, art director of Radio Luna Network, the radio where, in 2001, he starts working in. In the meanwhile he begins running a long way full of the feelings due to his live dates. Year by year, his sound goes more electronic. He loves spending his spare time with his family, which has an important role in his life, and his friends too. He also loves getting involved in humanitarian projects “future must be better than present”.

Renato Avallone

Renato Avallone, born in Pollone Bi on 06-03-60, is a composer and producer of electronic music. Since he was a child he has been a music lover, he tries his hand at various situations, Rock concerts as a guitarist, tours as a sound engineer until he becomes one of the best audio and lighting technicians in Italy.

From the end of 91 'to 99' all the lighting and technical scenographies of the ULTIMO IMPERO by airasca Torino are his

As a record producer he began in 1994 with "Read Backword - Call My Name" and "Joint Venture - Party People" for THE IMPERIAL RECORDS, in 95 he produced "Nice Price - Rock My Body" for BIG TRAX RECORDS, three vinyls still highly sought after . In 1999 he founded RARA RECORDS from which several vinyls come out. Currently produces for LABYRINTH RECORDS distributed digitally on all platforms by BEATRISING

Pianist without borders

Italian-born Fabio Tedde was musically inspired from a very young age. His formative years were spent watching and learning from his father Mario Tedde, a renowned pianist and accomplished composer, on the picturesque island of Sardinia. Fabio’s appetite and passion for world music fuelled his worldwide travels and he often found himself in far-away lands completely immersed in their musical styles and culture.

His travels brought him to London in May 2001.Pianist, Musician and Composer, Fabio has led an active career as a Soloist and Musician in several bands. Also, as Composer of numerous pieces that are influenced by modern classical, easy listening, new age, oriental, romantic and melodic music.

As pianist of the Mimitah Band from Congo (2009/2011), on several occasions Fabio played at the Double Club, The Tabernacle and also at private African events. He also performed: Throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, with appearances in major North American cities including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Throughout many European countries including United kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Scotland, Cyprus, Switzerland and France , Fabio also travelled often to Africa, visiting South Africa, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Egypt , Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda , Tanzania & Zanzibar .

Asaf Peres

Asaf Peres holds a PhD in music theory and a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) in music composition, both from the University of Michigan. He also holds a master's degree in composition from Rice University. Since 2011, Dr. Peres has used his extensive formal training as a composer, music theorist, and guitarist to develop a new perspective on his passion—pop music.

Through extensive analyses of hundreds of pop songs, conversations with dozens of songwriters and producers, and connecting traditional music theory concepts with trends in pop and EDM sound production, Dr. Peres has developed a comprehensive approach to understanding pop music and what makes it work.

Dr. Peres has presented his work at conferences in the U.S. and around the world, and has given guest lectures at top universities. By founding Top40 Theory, he hopes his research can help songwriters and producers on their path to their next Top 40 hit.

Sebastian Lis

Sebastian Lis is movie, game, and commercial music composer.
His musical genre can be defined as romantic and melancholic.
Sebastian is an excellent musician who has worked on several documentaries, commercials and short films.

Frank Altpeter

I‘ve been playing rock music in a live band - Moore and More - a tribute to Gary Moore - for ages now - and I‘ve been writing my own music for the same time but never had the opportunity to record it.Due to the Covid lockdowns now the moment had come to get back into the studio and do what has been waiting for years: lay down the ideas, find some fellow musicians and record.Personally I‘m deep ito Prog Rock but when I started recording, I found that my tracks more and more became cinematic - and now they are real epics, just like the impressions they describe. (Source: Redlloyd)

Steven Larkin

I am a simple singer songwriter with a passion for lyrics and i write almost everyday even if its just a single word ! .I love a story and all my songs have a start, middle and end ...I have decided to bring what I write out of the pad and give them life. (Source: Steve Larkin Project)

Dave Meredith

Im a music producer. I record all kinds of music and work with many singers and artists. This has been my passion since i was a young lad.
I use the names "WORLDS APART PRODUCTIONS" as my hub title but i am also know as Dave "MEZZER" Meredith

I am a keen runner and soccer player... I have been a jogger for 20 years and played football (soccer) since boys.

I also follow the video game scene very close and have been a gamer for 30 years. Its a major passion of mine.. Nothing can reach into the soul like a good video game and take the player to a created world of vision and sound and characters like a good video game..

I have my various music and collab projects at various websites online. I have been lucky to work with some truly great people and friends from all over the world .. Its something i really appreciate and enjoy.. Its my gift back to the world.. Pretty much all my work is free download. Never deny your passion!! (Source: Facebook)


Hes style, originally based on darkly sinuous and disturbing sounds, is characterized by very dark and disturbing atmospheres, with a strong inclination towards the occult.
Mizadeth's music tends to evoke a feeling of horror, loneliness, melancholy, seclusion and isolation. 

Fabian Grabau

Fabian is a composer who creates ambient music and soundtracks.
His style recalls the ethereal, a true emerging talent in the international music scene. His young career promises great successes.

Alan Špiljak

My name is Alan Špiljak, I‘m a 26 year old IT engineer from Croatia who has a big passion for multimedia and composing music. Composing is one of my favorite ways to express myself and I use it as a way to reach out to people, since words are much more limited compared to music.
Playing piano has been my hobby since elementary school at which time I’ve learned the basic skills which helped me to transfer all my thoughts to melody.

Looking back and seeing all the process, all those melodies, I think I’ve finally found my path in this world. At this point I have few movies behind me that were shown in cinemas all around the world. I’ve recorded some soundtracks for short films and my music was featured in the Asian museum, UN podcast, and much more.
My way of composing is oriented towards ambient cinematic music and I’m a big fan of Olafur Arnalds, Snorri Hallgrímsson, Max Richter, and Thomas Newman type of music. (Source: Official Website)

Jimena Contreras

Jimena Contreras (CDMX 1986)

Composer and music producer graduated from FaM, UNAM and NYU Steinhardt. She is the founder of Archway Studios where she specializes in the composition and production of music for film, television and video games.

Her compositions have been presented at national and international music festivals, as well as on the radio. Her film music is also available on the YouTube Audio Library platform. She is also a producer and songwriter for the heavy metal bands Herenwen and Ferox.

The most recent works of her writing for video games are "Mechawaiis" developed in Mexico by the Big Monster studio and "Mayhem Masters" developed in Sweden by the Digital Ballista studio available on the Steam platform and on Nintendo Switch.

In the field of film and television, she has made original music for short films, feature films and documentaries in collaboration with different film production houses. She has also written music for cultural television and currently writes music for Televisión Metropolitana (Channel 22) in Mexico. She has also worked with independent producers and directors such as Licano's Films, Cámara Carnal Films, Darkuss Films, Element Productions and Rayuela Digital, among others. Many film productions with her original music have been in the Official Selection and have been awarded at various Film Festivals in Mexico and around the world.

Currently she is also part of the group of composers and performers "Las Montoneras", where she composes and produces concert music, as well as conducting the radio program "Nada Clásicas" on Opus 94, a station of the IMER (Mexican Institute of the Radio).

Dani Trujillo Martínez

Born in Terrassa in 1981, Dani studied at the local Conservatory, adding studies of harmony, arrangements and jazz. Since 1996 he works as a music producer for different artists and producers, combining it with teaching activities in different schools and universities.
Currently he composes music, creates sound design, mixes and masters works for advertising, film, television and video games.
His advertising work includes music for brands such as Audi, Toyota, Kia, Renault, Estrella Damm, FC Barcelona, ​​Bankinter, Allianz, Fontvella, Carglass, Bicentury or Turismo Andalucía. In film and TV he has worked on the soundtracks of Litus (Dani de la Orden) or Day Release (Geoffrey Cowper), also making additional music for series such as Desafio Champions Sendokai, Ciega a appointments, La tribes, Corps of Elite or El dia He also has musical productions for Universal, Sony Music, Blanco y Negro, Roster music, Divucsa or AddictedMusic, with artists such as Rozalen, Rebeka Brown, Danny Romero, Henry Mendez and he was also a recording technician in Operación Triunfo from 2017 to 2020.

Christian Casth

Born in Argentina 1975 as Cristian Castillo and began to study music at the age of 19, in 1993 I studied Music at the National School of Music De Rosario received me from National Master of Music, his career lasted seven years I did complete courses of Functional Harmony, musical analysis, he has also studied 2 more years at the Provincial Music Teacher "Carlos Gustavino" I was a Piano Student of the concert performer Stella Savoini and the virtuoso Alexander Panizza, he has also studied Modern Harmony with the Jazzist Juan Carlos Silvera, he has dedicated 15 years teaching but currently living from music as a teacher and Film Scoring, he has worked on the film score of a Web series called "#Caso 13" and a film that will soon be available to the public. 
He is a Music Teacher, Pianist, Composer, Music Producer, Film Scoring, Session Arranger  and I also do sound reinforcement in movies. 


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